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Electric Golf Cart


  1. Low Maintenance – Definitely more convenient, electric golf cars require very little maintenance and effort on your behalf. Taking care of the battery charger is as complicated as it gets.

  2. Less Noise – Because there is noisy engine, these carts are much more quiet,

  3. Environmentally Friendly –  With no carbon emissions and no pollution these carts are much more eco friendly.


  1. Charging Time – With some models it can be hard to gauge when it will run out of power and they do take a fair while to recharge. Again this depends on the model so that’s something to consider while shopping around.

  2. Less Power/Speed – Compared with gas carts electric carts do not offer as much power so on hills or rough terrain you may have a slow climb ahead of you.

Gas Golf Cart


  1. More Power/Speed – Gas golf carts operate at much faster speeds, they require no charging time and are easy to fuel up.

  2. Street Ready – In gated communities or those who live near a golf course, gas ones are better equipped for short bursts of road driving. This is mostly due to the higher speed and power of the cart.


  1. Noisy & More Maintenance – Due to the engine, gas carts are much noisier. They will also require much more maintenance due to the oil filters, changing and general check ups.

  2. Pollution- Not exactly environmentally friendly, as this is a gas cart you will have carbon emissions.